Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Paper Crafter + Power Tools = Trouble!

What do you get when you have a paper crafter trying to build a fort for her kids because her husband can't build it due to his back injury?

OUCH! I was screwing some boards onto the fort for the kids, when the screw hit a staple (used to secure the screen around the sandbox...screen stapled between two boards=hopefully strong enough that the kids won't be able to pull the screen out). The screw stopped turning, but the drill didn't! It jumped off the screw and into my finger. I won't show you what's under the bandage (it's not pretty!), but I was glad Kev was at home with a migrane today so he could fix me up. When I was all fixed up he told me that I was perhaps one of the most clumsy people he knows...but that's one of the quirks that attracted him to me! Good thing he added that last part or he may have had to find a different place to sleep tonight!

Thank goodness it wasn't my stamping hand!

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