Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Good Times & Great Friends

Recently I attended a Mini Convention organized by my upline, Christy. She, along with a group of her "managers", which I am a part of, organizes a Mini Convention for everyone in her group to come to for training, swapping and loads of fun!

We always have great Make & Takes to do and this year was no exception! Here's a picture of my and some of the demonstrators in my group doing our make & takes.

We had a blast! I had too much fun and took most of my Make & Takes home to finish...there was just too many friends to catch up with and too many awesome display boards to take pictures of!

One of the great things about this event is the demonstrations. There are so many demonstrations full of fabulous ideas that I almost can't think straight at the the end of the day! My mind was swimming when all was said and done and I came home with some great ideas for class, club and workshop projects! Christy had me do a demonstration this year on projects that could help simplify and organize your life...even after seeing my craft room she wanted me to do this demo!!! I had some cute projects that you will see in upcoming classes. All our demos are videoed and put on a DVD that we can buy for training our own downline or for inspiration in the future. Here's a picture of me doing my demo. I have a very sneaky downline...I didn't even know she took this picture, but I'm glad she did!!!

Chrsity also recognizes us for all our achievments by having us come up and get a rose. See those beautiful roses behind me in the last picture? Those are what she gave out that day! It's so inspiring to see all the achievements the demonstrators in this group are being recognized for. I was one of the recipients of two different roses this year. I got a red one for reaching the $200K career sales milestone and a beautiful orange one for earning the cruise last year (we don't cruise until April though!). Here's a picture of me and Christy right after I got my rose for career sales. Since the roses don't make it home with me too well, I always give them to my mom. It's kind of like a thank you for looking after my boys while I'm at my meetings. She was thrilled to get two this meeting!!!

And the last picture I have to share, I'm most proud of! It's a picture of me and 3 of my downline who also received roses for promotions this last quarter. There was a few more of my downline who were there and received roses, but weren't sitting with us so they didn't get included in our inpromptu picture at the end of the day! But, rest assured, I'm so proud of each one of my downline for all their accomplishments and achievements. They are a great bunch of girls who have become good friends!

I had a great day, but I was exhausted when it was over! Between driving 5 hours the night before to get there and then staying up waaaay to late talking to my mom and then attending and participating in this wonderful event, I was happy to go to bed that night. And, yes, I slept like a baby!

So, do you think you would like to attend events like this with me in the future? If you do, you'll want to contact me today to learn more about the benefits of being a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator. Aside from the obvious financial benefits, I think one of the best things about being a demonstrator is the true friends you make!

Happy Stampin'!


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