Friday, April 9, 2010

Blowin' in the Wind

So, spring in Lethbridge means lots of wind.  And, I mean lots!  Wanna know how windy?  Check this out...

Yes, that sign blew over and yes, those two things sticking up are CEMENT things, that are usually in parking lots, that were holding the sign in place!  CRAZY!!!!  I drive through this intersection about five million times a day (well, not that many, but some days it certainly feels like it!) and this is the second time this spring I've seen that sign laying down because of the wind.  We've had wind warnings the last few days and we go to bed at night listening to the howling of the wind hoping that all our siding and shingles will still be on our house in the morning!!!!!  And, knock on wood, so far all is good at our house except for the tiles in our patio table!  But I've seen lots of pieces of siding and other building materials blowing around the neighborhood the last little while!

I've been busy doing wedding stuff the last little while.  My cousin is getting married and I've been comissioned to make favours...500 of them!!!  I'll show you those when they've decided on a design.  I also had a customer's daughter wanting to make her own invites.  The bride, three of her bridesmaids, her mom and future mother-in-law all came over last night to make the invitations...160 of them!  It was so fun and they are almost finished.  Here's a look at the design.

The bride wanted a different alphabet for the initials and we ended up just having the ribbon wrap around and get glued to the back of the initials piece rather than knot it.  The ribbon is what holds the invitation closed, and it easily slides off so their guests can open the inviataion and see the details.

The top part folds up and the bottom part folds down to open it up.  On the top flap they put one of their engagement pictures printed in black & was such an awesome picture of them in the coulees! And, on the bottom flap they made a pocket to hold all the "stuff" that goes out with wedding invitaitons.  The middle section has all the wedding info.

I think they turned out great and everyone loved them!  Kella & Ryan...I wish you both a long and happy life together!

Have an inspired day!

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