Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Little Home Decor

Welcome to the second stop on my Decor Elements adventure.  This will be the last stop for a while, because I have to paint an area for my next project...and I'm not feeling that adventurous yet!!!  And, I need it to stop raining for a while so I can have the window open while I paint.  Maybe next week...cross your fingers and do a little dance to the sun gods for me, will ya!

So, I bought this plain glass rectangle vase at Ikea about a year ago (maybe's been so long that I can't remember!).  Then I bought this Decor Element with a plan to marry the two and make a fabulous project, but then I never got around to it...until now!

I *heart* this project!  I had it on display at the Coaldale Ladies Night on the weekend and go so many comments on it.  I have to get a dresser for our spare room and then this little beauty is going to sit on the dresser.  Here's another angle.

The decor element is applied directly to the front of the vase.  I had to trim it a little so it would fit!  After I applied it, I even sprayed it with window cleaner and cleaned all my fingerprints off...the window cleaner did not affect the decor element at all.

I was having a hard time deciding what to put in my vase...until my friend Sherri called!  She suggested that I put some pearl barley or rice in the bottom and then put a candle in it.  JACKPOT!!!!  That's just what I did (I chose pearl I use for this recipe) and it turned out perfectly!  Thanks Sherri!

I still want to tie some ribbon around it to finish it off, but I will wait until July becuase I think the Marina Mist ribbon will match perfectly and finish it off just right.

Happy stampin' and have an inspired day!

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  1. This is soooooo pretty. I love the way the blue candle highlights the Decor Element.



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