Friday, June 11, 2010

Teaching a New Dog New Tricks

I've been trying really hard to teach my little chocolate wonder some manners!  He has a super short attention span...we're talking an attention span the size of a it's been a challenge.  But, I'm always up for a good challenge!

I'm pleased to say that he's mastered "sit" and "stay" consistently for me, but not for anyone else in the family!!!  Hee, hee!!!  I wish he would listen to the rest of my family members, but secretly I like that he only listens to me...he likes me best.  Shhhh!  It's a secret!!!  We're still working on "come", "heel", "lay down", and "give".  We're also working on "stop eating my flowers" and "stop stealing socks from the laundry basket"...these two aren't going well!  Slowly but surely, and I know he will calm a bit when he goes in for a little surgery in a couple months.

So would you like to learn a new trick too?  Well, your wish is my command!  I learned how to do this technique at a Stampin' Up! Regional Seminar this year.  It's super easy, but I love the result and I love that it looks different each time you do it.

I can't remember what it was called, so I'm going to call it the "Water Splash" technique.  You need a solid, bold image stamp for this technique.  First ink up your stamp in your desired color.  Here's where it gets technical...are you ready?  Place your inked stamp rubber side up on your work surface (or hold really doesn't matter) and then dip your fingers into some water and flick the water off your fingers at your inked stamp.  I know...I warned you I was going to get technical!

Then, you stamp it on your cardstock and voila...

Cool, eh?

So, here's the finished project.  I love the way this card turned out...not exactly how I pictured it, but still great!  I used my favorite Embossing Folder of the moment, Square Lattice, and inked it up before puting my cardstock in in and running it through my Big Shot to get the look on the Sahara Sand cardstock.  On the Soft Suede, the embossing folder is not inked and I used the other side of my cardstock (so the "crosses" are debossed...indented...on the Sahara Sand piece the crosses are embossed...raised).  I love how you can flip your cardstock over after it's been embossed with this folder and get a totally different look.

Gotta run.  I probably won't be posting tomorrow, but hopefully I will find some time to post on Sunday.  Have an inspired day!

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  1. This looks great! I love the look of this on the leaves! Great masculine card too!


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