Friday, April 13, 2012

Happy Mail!

Last month I received a fun and unexpected package from Stampin' Up!, so of course, I ripped it open!!!  Here's what I found...

Now, this one I didn't rip open.  I was waaaay more gentle with this envelope, and here's what I found inside...

You're Invited...whaaaat?  Obviously with such a pretty card, I was invited to something important!  So, I pulled out the card...

Turns out me and my first guest (for the Disney trip) are invited to attend breakfast one morning with a member of the corporate team from Stampin' Up!.  Wow!  I responded right away and told them that just I would be attending since Kevin would have to watch our kids.  And, here's the best part!  They responded back saying they were fully aware that we had three kids coming with us and expected that the kids would join us for breakfast!  Man, oh man I love the company I work with!!!!  I don't know who we are having breakfast with yet...that's a surprise that I can't wait to find out!  Amy, Scott, Rich...maybe even Shelli herself!!!!  And, we have drilled the kids on manners for that breakfast!  There will be no inhaling your food, no burping contests, no craziness at the  know, the basics in a house full of boys....LOL!!!!

The envelope was made with the new Diagonal Plate for the Simply Scored.  Custom envelopes are just one of the fantastic things you can make with this new product!  And, there's a sneak peek at a stamp set that will be in the new Annual Catalog coming out June 1!  I know a lot of you are gonna love this new set!!!!

That's all for today!  Have an inspired day!


  1. That's so exciting Lisa! I can't wait to hear who you get to have breakfast with either.. Stampin' Up! is honestly an amazing company to work for!

  2. Wahoo! Yippee! That is sooo cool! I LOL when I read that about "drilling your boys" part. That would be me as well!!

  3. congrats lisa! how exciting, and what well deserved recognition! xo Amanda

  4. awwww Lisa, that is SO GREAT, very happy for you! I think you should pick up so Disney related bribing material as soon as you get there......won't hurt, lol!


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