Saturday, June 9, 2012

Starting at the Start!

I'm working on our camping scrapbook and I decided to go with a digital scrapbook.  I went digital for a couple of reasons...I can take my laptop camping with me and work on my pages as I take the pictures, and by going digital, I can get it done faster (cause I'm still working on last year's book...and loads of other traditional scrapbooking waiting for me)!  And, I've got to say, scrapbooking by the fire is kinda fun!

Today I'm going to share the cover to my book (this is where the start comes in from my post title!).  I started with a template that was available in the last set of downloads released last Tuesday.

The template I used is from the "The Great Outdoors" download, which includes a stamp set and a template.  This particular template is for an 8x8 page.  Before I made my changes, I changed the size of my template to make it 12x12.  These are the steps I did to make this change:

-First find the template by opening a new project, selecting Photobook & Individual Pages/Designer; choose your desired template and follow the steps (I then chose "Pick & Click as my photo adding option)
-Before making any changes, click on the Edit drop down menu at the top and choose "Change Project Size/Type

The program will tell you which sizes you can choose to change your project to.  For example, because my original template was 8x8, I only had options to change it to another square size (12x12 or 5x5).  Once my size was changed, I turned on the Guides (View/Guides/Book Cover Bleed Area).  I chose this one because this is the cover of my book.  Had I been doing a page, I would have chose the appropriate guide for my pages.  This is important because it shows you what could be cut off during the printing process.  It would be tragic for an important part of your project to get cut always have the guides on!!!!

Now, onto the changes I made.  I only changed the title and I used a sentiment from the download Happy Camper Memories.  I chose two pictures from our last camping trip (the first of the season!) because those are the only camping pictures I have from this year!  But, if I take other pictures that I like better during the camping season, I can change it out before sending it to the printer very easily!

So what do you think?  I'm excited to work on this throughout the camping season and show you the final project in the fall!  In fact, I'm already excited about getting it printed!!!!

Did you know that you can try My Digital Studio for FREE????  That's right, you can download a free 30 day trial of the software and try it out (make a project, get some extra downloads, print something).  The free trial works just like the software except it's only good for 30 days!  If you want to learn more about the program and how it works, come to my MDS Tips & Tricks Class on June 21.  I offer this class for FREE because I want you to feel successful with this program and there's so much it can do!  You're welcome to bring along a laptop with the program on it and follow along with me in the class or just come see what it's all about.  Either way, you're going to have some digital fun with me that evening!  If you're interested, please RSVP quickly because I have limited space.

Have an inspired day!

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