Monday, November 29, 2010

Snow Much Fun

No stamping today, but I have two great pictures to share!  Yesterday was such a gorgeous day here...the sun was out, the temperature was reasonable (for winter) and it was snowing!  Since it was pretty warm and not windy, we sent our boys outside for the afternoon.

I love the vibrant colors and the looks on their rosy little faces!  I can't wait to scrapbook the pictures I took!  We also sent our little chocolate furry boy out to play.

He was in there like a dirty shirt chasing the boys around, stealing their toques (that's Canadian for "winter hat"!!!) and racing through the snow!  I'm pretty sure he thinks he's human...

I will be back tomorrow with some stamping to share.  Have an inspired day!

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  1. aww so much fun! The boys are sure growing! :)


Thank you so much for your comments. It means a lot to know there there are people out there reading my little blog and being inspired by what I create! Happy stampin' and have an inspired day!