Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The COOLEST Mom in the World!

Hello fellow stampers!  Well, all I can say about the last few days is whew!  I'm glad it's over and I have a few days off to enjoy with my family and stamp some samples and do some planning for some upcoming classes! 

I will start with my crazy busy weekend!  It started with the Children's Festival...which was a HUGE success!  Sherri and I had a blast that day, but boy were we beat when it was over!  The organizers guess for attendance that day was over 5000.  WOW!!!  We had a fantastic location right by the stage and the concession and we were busy ALL day!  Here are some not so great pictures of our booth that I managed to snap during a very short quite spell...

This was the Decor Element Demo and Big Shot Build-A-Bear cutting side of our booth!  The kids loved cutting and dressing their own paper Build-a-Bear!

This was the display side of our booth where we had some class samples set out for moms to look at!  You can also see the little coloring station we had set up for the kids.

Then, Sunday I had my Easter Stampin' Kids class.  You can see the project the kids made here.  The kids had a blast...and so did I!!!

Yesterday and today I had Stamp Club.  I love Stamp Club club ladies are always so enthusiastic (even though I really challenged them this month!!!).  I never have a Stamp Club where my stomach and cheeks aren't sore from laughing so hard!  I will share the projects they did later this week.

Today, I want to share a project I did last week that made me "the coolest mom in the world" least in the eyes of my nine-year old!!!

I started with a plain navy blue long sleeve T-shirt, that I slid over a piece of foam core and then applied a decor element to.  I used the Extreme Skateboard decor element for this project.  Once the decor element was applied to the T-shirt, I spritzed it with bleach.

Hee, hee...hello Penny!!!
Then I dabbed the bleach off the decor element and peeled the decor element off the shirt.  The decor element is garbage after you spray it and take it off the shirt.

Once that was done, I washed and dried it and it was ready for my model!

He LOVED it!!!  For now, according to him, I'm the coolest mom in the world.  So, I think I'm going to enjoy that title for the time being...because I'm sure it won't last!!!!!  And, now I have to make a couple more shirts like this for my other two boys.  Can't leave anyone out...ya know!!!

Well, it's almost midnight here and this stamper needs to get some rest!  Have an inspired day!


Thank you so much for your comments. It means a lot to know there there are people out there reading my little blog and being inspired by what I create! Happy stampin' and have an inspired day!