Friday, April 1, 2011

Do we have a winner?

Do we have some Bingo winners out there?  Lemme hear you shout BINGO!!!

Alright ladies, if you won a prize on your bingo card, please clearly indicate your name, contact info and prize choice on the back of your card.  You can see the prize choices on the SAB Bingo page.  Once you've done that, please put your card, or cards, in my mailbox. 

ALL cards MUST be received by April 15 to claim your prize and MUST have your name and contact info on it.  If you don't indicate a prize choice, I will choose for you.  I will do my best to get your prizes to you by the end of April.

Congratulations to all my winners!


  1. Can I add up all the straight lines I have on all of my cards? Then I would have a bingo....otherwise...I am just gonna yell BINGO for fun! Excellent Game Lisa! Thank the kids for doing all the draws!

  2. BINGO! Thanks Lisa, fun game!


    I am gonna load up on bling!

    Thanks so much for this Lisa. Super happy fun time!

  4. BINGO!!!! Looking forward to playing with the Antique Brads I won....thank you sooo much Lisa its been fun playing! :)
    Angela Calvin


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