Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Gettin' Digi with it...MDS News

Bad title...I know!  That's what I get for trying to be cool!  With one child heading into middle school next year I know we are headed into the teenage years...I'm not ready for that, but at the same time I'm looking forward to it!

Last week the downloads were aimed toward tween/teen projects.  While I totally saw those kinds of projects when I looked at the downloads, I also saw a BUNCH of potential in the Seriously Teen kit for projects for all my boys from the 11 year old right down to the 6 year old.  I immediately downloaded it and have been playing around with it a bit.

Since March Madness is coming up soon I decided to kick it off early on my blog with a basketball layout!

This was the first layout I came up with.  My oldest son finally got to play Grade 5 Basketball (he's been looking forward to it since Grade 1!!!).  It's a short season and they get to play against other elementary schools around town.  I know he loves basketball, but I was surprised that he's pretty good!  He has pretty good ball control, he can dribble good and he made some sweet baskets during their 3 week season.  His goal is to be on the school team in Middle School next year, so he's been practicing hard outside between snow storms when our snow is melting.

Supply List for my layout:
     Designer Series Paper\_Designer Kits\Serioulsy Teen - designer series paper\Seriously Teen - summer starfruit stars

    _Designer Kits\Seriously Teen - embellishments\Seriously Teen - torn paper 2 (re-colored)
    _Designer Kits\Seriously Teen - embellishments\Seriously Teen - torn paper 1 (re-colored)
    _Designer Kits\Seriously Teen - embellishments\Seriously Teen - star

    Seriously Awesome\Seriously Awesome - rule no 1, Color = 0,0,0
    Scoreboard\Scoreboard - 3, Color = 0,0,0
    Scoreboard\Scoreboard - 0, Color = 0,0,0
    Athletic Department\Athletic Department - hustle, Color = WHISPER WHITE 255,255,255
    Athletic Department\Athletic Department - nothing but net, Color = 0,0,0

Stampin' Up! announced some pretty fantastic things about MDS yesterday, so allow me to share!

Starting today (or yesterday!):
  • We've changed the name of the software from MDS 2 (and MDS 2+) to MDS.
  • We've lowered the price. What has been known as MDS 2+ is now $19.95 US/$24.95 CAN.
Coming soon:
  • The upgrade will be free! If you have been holding onto the original My Digital Studio software, you will be able to upgrade to the new software for free. We will let you know when it is available. We have discontinued the item number for the MDS 2 Upgrade (item 130650) until it's available for FREE.
Other information:   
  • MyDigitalStudio.net is currently under construction as we make all of the changes. Just keep in mind that you may see outdated information for awhile.
  • We will remove the My Digital Studio Catalog at the end March from MyDigitalStudio.net. If you would like to keep of copy of it, go grab it before then. We have not been maintaining this file since last fall and it is outdated, so we feel like it's time to delete it.
  • We understand that when a price changes after you have made a recent purchase it can be frustrating. If you purchased the software at the old price from March 1 to March 17, 2013, the following will be added to your Download Manager by Wednesday, March 20:
    MDS 2+ or MDS 2
    • Up To Date Planner Template (item133271, retail value $14.95 US/$18.50 CAN)
    • Hello There Kit (item 133374, retail value $9.95 US/$12.50 CAN)
    • Everyday Woodcuts Embellishments (item 132191, retail value $5.95 US/$7.95 CAN)
    MDS Upgrade
    • Hello There Kit (item 133374, retail value $9.95 US/$12.50 CAN)
Isn't that awesome news?!?!?  The former MDS2+ (now known as MDS) is FULL of SO much content.  I'm excited that all of you can get it at such a low price now!

And, finally, it's Tuesday which means there's some brand new downloads available.  You can find them in my online store here.  With a house full of boys, I'm loving the downloads today!

Have an inspired day!

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