Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Calgary Regional Seminar

Buckle up, grab a hot beverage and get comfy...this is a long post with a ride through my stamping adventure in Calgary, some card samples and a video!  An adventure from start to finish!

Last weekend I had the opportunity to attend a super fun Stampin' Up! event...the Calgary Regional Seminar!  Stampin' Up! takes their "show on the road" and does day long regional seminars in select locations across Canada and the US.  We were lucky to have one so close to home, so I had to attend!  And, I was thrilled when the lovely Donna Griffiths from SU phoned and asked me if I would do a 10 minute "WOW Demo"!  Of course, I said yes (I may have yelled it!!!).  I was SUPER excited!

Since I had a 2 hour drive to Calgary and wasn't planing to spend the night, Donna said she would put me in the afternoon so I wouldn't have to get there super early to set up...I could do it during the morning stamping break and lunch.

I got everything ready on my table and chatted with Tom (the best video guy ever!) about what I was going to be showing.  He gave me some to show my projects to the camera, what area on the table to be stamping on so it shows up on the camera well, etc.  And, after lunch I got all miked up and ready to go!

I couldn't wait to get up there and show my stuff!

There's my name up on the big screen when they announced me!  And, here I am on stage doing my thing!  That's Tom to the right.

All the demonstrators in the audience that day were wonderful...I had a cheering section (actually a couple!).  It was a pretty cool feeling to have my name announced and hear cheers as I walked across the stage to get to my chair!  I wish my kids would cheer like that when I say things like, "we're having beans for supper", or "time to get up, it's a school day", or "time to do chores"!!!!!

I was surprised that I wasn't really nervous at all!  I actually felt super comfortable up there on that stage in front of 500 other demonstrators...I think that's because I love what I do and I love sharing about it...or maybe it's just my crazy need to be the center of attention sometimes!!!!!  I will say this wasn't my first time at the rodeo!  I have demoed at an SU event a couple times before and a LOT at the Millet Meetings I attend...I guess I'm just comfortable stamping in front of hundreds of people!  Everyone seemed to enjoy what I was talking about and the samples I showed.

I talked about classes based on products.  One of the products I chose to talk about was the Pennant Punch.  Do you have the Pennant Punch?  If not, you NEED it!  It's an amazingly versatile punch.  And, if you already have it, dust it off and show it some love with cards like I made to share in Calgary!  Here are my samples.....

You can't really tell in this picture, but the sun was shimmered so it sparkled and shone!

I love a stamp set where you can do everything from baby to Christmas cards and everything in between!

This one was inspired by a card the very talented Kimberley Van Diepen did!

I think that last card was my favorite!

And, I put together a fun little video with one of the tips I shared during my demo.  Enjoy!

Finally, I want to share 2 more pictures.

Me and Donna Griffiths
Shannon West, Me & Bonnie Thurber
The Stampin' Up! staff are so AMAZING!  They are friendly, creative, helpful and always willing to chat.  I truly feel blessed to be part of such a great company!

Have an inspired day!

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