Monday, January 28, 2013

I CAN Stamp, CAN you?

One of my favorite parts of the month is club weeks!  I love getting together with my club ladies once a month for loads of fun.  They are always so excited and enthusiastic and we laugh...a lot!  This last month I had them all bring an empty, clean soup can with them for one of our projects.

I know, it looks a lot like my memory jar project!  I love that project so much I wanted to share a part of it with my club girls.  So, we decorated some cans with product from the Tea for Two suite that they could use on their desks or put a fun bag of treats in to give to someone special.

It was a super simple project and pretty straightforward, so I'm not going to go into great detail (however, ask away if you have questions and I will try to answer).  I do have one little tip for you if you're covering the paper long the side of your table or work surface so that it gets a curve to it.  This way, the curve hugs the can making it easier to apply the paper and less likely for the seam to pop open.  One more little tip is to use the right adhesive for the job...I like Sticky Strip or Tombow, or a combination of both, for this kind of project.  And, one last's easier to get the paper onto the can straight if you start applying it from the middle and work to the ends rather than end to end.  When I start in the middle, I find it's easier to get the paper to go on straight!

All the products used for this can project, can be found in the Spring Catalog (specifically the Tea for Two product suite).  Head on over to my online store and order your Tea for Two stuff today so you can start creating fun projects like this one!

Have an inspired day!

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