Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Tooth Fairy

This story is just too cute not to share. My 7-year old has lot quite a few teeth in the last few months. Sometimes the tooth fairy is really busy and doesn't come the night he leaves his tooth under his pillow, but he's very understanding about her being really busy collecting all those teeth!

Anyway, I guess the tooth fairy is a hot topic in his class because when he lost his last tooth a couple weeks ago, he announced that he was going to try and see if the tooth fairy actually comes. A small amount of panic set in as he was telling me this. So, he goes on to say that one of his friends left his tooth in a glass of water in the hopes that the tooth fairy would leave behind fairy dust, which would be proof that there actually is a tooth fairy. Guess what...she left green fairy dust! Then he says that a girl in his class did the same thing and there was pink fairy dust and another kid got gold fairy dust. His plan was to leave his tooth in a glass of water and see what color fairy dust she left at our house.

So, I asked if he was scared that the Tooth Fairy would drown while trying to get his tooth out and he said no, he wouldn't only leave a little water, and he was quite sure she could swim! Then I asked if the fairy dust was glittery and he said yes. So, knowing that the Tooth Fairy has access to every color of glitter in the Stampin' Up! Idea Book & Catalogue (*wink*), I asked what color he hoped she would leave and he said blue. Well, I thought the Tooth Fairy could totally leave behind some blue fairy dust!

That night the tooth fairy came and guess what...she left blue fairy dust! The next morning he was soooooo excited. It was hilarious! He came thundering up the stairs in the morning with the cup (he only spilled "a little water on the way up the stairs") and his money! When I came down for breakfast, he was sitting at the table with the hugest grin on his face, pleased as punch that he had fairy dust. It all came crashing down when I told him that he could not take the cup of water with fairy dust to school. His friends would just have to believe his story when he told it.

I wonder if the teachers talk about this sort of stuff in the staff room and get a huge chuckle out of hearing the interesting things the "tooth fairy" is doing!

Until next time my friends.

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  1. Haha! I love how understanding your son is when it comes to his tooth fairy. And I'm glad he got what he deserves! I just hope the tooth fairy will be not forgetful next time. Hehe!


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