Monday, July 9, 2012

Party Hats!

Today is a party kind of day at my house!  My sweet middle kid is turning 8 today (sigh...where does the time go?)!!!  We are not having his party until I get back from Convention, but my mom happens to be in town for meetings so he's pretty excited that Grandma is here to celebrate with us!  We asked him what he wanted for birthday supper tonight and he said that he wants to go to the fanciest restaurant he's ever been to since Grandma is here.  Not gonna lie, I was a bit concerned...until he said he wanted to go to Rickies!!!!!  Clearly we've set the bar really low in terms of "fancy" restaurants with our kids!  At least he didn't choose McDonald's (or should I say McCafe now)!!  And, he doesn't know this yet, but after supper Grandma and him are going present shopping...just the two of them.  I'm sure he's going to love having the undivided attention of my mom (middle kids don't get undivided attention very often!!!).

Anyway, on to my project for today.  No's a birthday card!

I have been so inspired by the gray/yellow combination on page 38 & 39 of the Annual Catalog that I have made several cards with that color combination, and today's card is another!  This time I added a little Night of Navy in too.  It's a pretty simple card with some stamping, punching and texture courtesy of the Big Shot.  I think this card could be both masculine (although I'm not sure about rhinestones on a masculine card!) or feminine and happens to be one of the cards my class participants will be making in my Bunch 'O Birthday Cards class tomorrow night.

Before I go, I have a picture of my birthday boy to share!

He was playing outside a couple weeks ago and came home pounding on the door.  When I came to the door he was so excited..."Mom, I found the HUGEST dandelion ever!".  It was so sweet, that I grabbed my camera and snapped away while he tried to blow it.  Try as he might, he could not blow the fluff fact, all three boys tried to do it together and they couldn't!  I don't think it was actually a dandelion, but some sort of other weed from around here (probably from where they aren't supposed to be riding their bikes!).

I love my sweet middle kid...even though he drives me bananas sometimes!  I love the sprinkle of freckles across his nose, I love his sweet smile, I love his sense of humor, I love how polite he is (when he wants to be!) and I love his hugs.  I hope he has a great day today!

Have an inspired day!

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