Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hot Date

I had a hot date tonight with two of my sons and two of their friends!  Tuesday my oldest son, Taylor, will turn 8 (and just for the record, I can't believe he's 8!).  Since Kevin just had his surgery, we thought it would be best for Tay to have an "out of the house" party.  The last thing Kevin needed was a bunch of 7 year old boys bouncing off the walls in our house...and quite frankly I wasn't really looking forward to that either!!!  Well, it just so happened that the Hurricanes were playing tonight.  So we told Tay that he could invite two of his very best friends for pizza and cake, and I would take him, his friends and Carter to the game.

In true Taylor fashion, he hollered down to ther mascot Twister until he came up to our seats for a visit!  Of course, the first thing Taylor told Twister was that today was his birthday party, so Twister gave him a high five and posed with him.  And, being the good scrapbooking mom that I am, I whipped out my camera to capture the memory!

Well, we had a blast and the kids told me it was the best birthday ever!  The only bad part was the 'Canes lost...but at the start of the third period the boys started cheering for the other team becuase they were the ones who were scoring!

Be sure to come back tomorrow for the start of my Countdown to Valentine's!

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