Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Well, did you think I dropped off the face of the Earth?  I kinda felt like I had.  Remember when my family was sick a couple weeks ago?  I thought I was lucky and wasn't going to get it.  Surprise!  I got it...bad.  And, have been sick for a week...I mean really sick...like lost 15 lbs and now my pants are too loose sick.  But, I'm better now and ready to get back into the swing of things (I will go slow Sherri, I promise!).

We had a good Christmas.  Kevin had to work, but my family came down and we had a nice visit.  It's easier to be sick when your mom is here!!!  Kevin was able to come home a few times during Christmas day to open presents and eat with us.  The kids were WIRED and had a great time.  I think the hilight is when I convinced my dad that Beer Bellies were sensual during a game we were playing.  For the record, I DON'T think beer bellies are sensual, but I got the point!!!!!  And, the game "Apples to Apples" is pretty fun!

I don't really have much non Christmas stuff stamped, but I do have one card that my stamp clubs did last week.  It's a friend card and uses the DSP from the special right now.

Here's the whole card.

It's a pretty simple, but cute card.  They needed a simple and fast project to round out the evening of ornament making!  You can see the info on the special to the right...just click on the link.

One more thing before I go for today.  Ollie and Penny have become great friends!  The play (the kids call it Puppy Ultimate Fighter), chase each other, and snuggle.  Ollie is the boss over everything but the toys, which she has control over!  She has definitely become a member of the family!

Have an inspired day!

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