Sunday, December 19, 2010


"A penny for your thoughts?"

My dad sometimes calls me Penny because my "check engine" light has been on in my van for-evah (it's a really expensive not really useful sensor...according to the mechanic...that we don't want to fix!).  If you're a Big Bang Theory Fan you'll totally know what I'm talking about here!

"A penny saved, is a penny earned."   -Ben Franklin

Did you know the Canadian government is debating getting rid of our penny?  Apparently it costs 1 1/2 cents to make each one and since they're only worth 1 cent, we're losing money.  Makes "cents" to me!!!!  Ha, ha, ha!!!  Although I'm not quite sure how that will all work when I'm shopping.

The Canadian penny has a smooth edge.  But from 1982-1996 it was made 12-sided to help the visually impaired distinguish it from other coins.

Each of my kids has a penny from the year they were well as one of all the other coins that were in circulation that year.

In the 2008 Olympics, there were two athletes named Penny.  The both competed in sailing.  One was from Great Britain and the other from South Africa.

The Canadian penny has a maple leaf branch on one side and Queen Elizabeth II on the other.

If you google penny, you get 50,700,000 results!

Penny Marshall is a famous penny, but her real name is Carole Penny Marshall.

Currently, the Canadian penny weighs 2.35 g and is 19.03mm in diameter.  It is 94% steel, 1.5% nickel and 4.5% copper plated zinc.

The Penny Coffee House...they have good treats!

When I was a kid, I had a penny collection.  I still have it...and I have pennies from the 20s and 30s in it!  I remember going through piles of pennies at my grandparent's house to find old pennies to complete my collection!

Penny is the Scavo's daughter in Desperate Housewives.  Sometimes I can totally relate to Lynette...even though she's a fictitious character!

I think Penny is short for Penelope.

Lucky penny!!!

When you say penny over and over again it starts to sound funny!

I don't know anyone named Penny (that I can think of)...until now.  Meet Penny!

Since Bailey died, we've been missing having two dogs.  We still really miss her and think Ollie does too.  We knew we would get another dog eventually and decided we didn't want to wait as long as we did when we introduced Ollie into our family.  And, we know that Cockers do better when they have a friend (a furry friend).

Originally, the plan was to get another puppy when Sawyer was in Grade 1...two and a half years from now.  But the other day Kevin texted me and said he wanted to get another dog.  We talked about getting a shelter dog...but only if we could find the "right dog".  We decided to go have a look, and found the sweetest little thing!  We all fell in love!

We're not sure what exactly she is, but the best guess is that she's a Smooth Collie Cross (crossed with what...we're not sure and neither is the vet!).  We think she's around 5 months old.  She's so sweet and mild mannered and I think her and Ollie are becoming great friends!

So, that's what's new in our house!  I will be back tomorrow with some stamping.  Have an inspired day!

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